Fromage by Sally Scott book cover. A person wearing red high heels avoids mousetraps set with cheese.

Fromage — Book Review

A delicious mystery, featuring an entertaining heroine. Make sure the cheese platter is ready.

Review by: Steph Huddleston

Author: Sally Scott

Genre: Mystery

Publication Date: 1st of October 2021

Synopsis of Fromage

Journalist Alex Grant is enjoying a holiday, sipping excellent wines and nibbling on every delicious food that comes her way. But her last days under the Croatian sun are interrupted by a mystery. Marie and Brian Puharich insist that Alex attend the funeral of two of their grandfather’s employees, who have died in a strange murder-suicide that no one seems to question.

The prospect of spending the last days of her holiday with Marie, an old schoolmate she hardly knows, and the obnoxious Brian, isn’t exactly appealing. But Alex can’t resist a good story, and she thinks the Puharich may just be hiding something within their cheese empire.

Chasing this story will lead Alex from the shores of the Dalmation coast to a rather delicious and mysterious creamery in Australia’s southwest. To get to the truth, she must cross paths with cantankerous family patriarchs, adonis’s and her insatiable curiosity.

What we thought about Fromage

If lockdowns have had you missing visits to far-flung destinations, this is a book worth considering picking up soon. There is entertainment value in watching amateur sleuth Alex Grant solve the mystery at the heart of this book. But also in reading mouth-watering descriptions of food and wine. Definitely prepare yourself a cheese platter for when you read this one!

There’s a little bit of romance, and some family tension but mostly the book centres on Alex chasing the story of murder and mayhem. It’s a fast-moving, fun read with a main character who will likely cause a few giggles. Alex is a fiercely independent woman, following her passions without fear.

Fromage is perfect for

Fans of mystery authors such as Kerry Greenwood (Phryne Fisher mystery books), MC Beaton (Agatha Rasin, Hamish Macbeth) and Richard Osman (The Thursday Murder Club) will likely enjoy Fromage.

Final Thoughts

While we hope that the next books in the series see some of the secondary characters return and develop further, and possibly a few more red herrings, we’re still looking forward to reading more Alex Grant mysteries. A solid read.

This book contains:

Copious amounts of cheese, the destruction of several pairs of shoes, a sleuth with a nose for a good story (and a fine wine).

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