Best Kid’s Books To Read These School Holidays

School holidays are a time for fun! While lockdowns have meant we’ve had to adjust our plans just a *few* times, thankfully books are always there for us. Not sure what your primary school-aged bookworm might like next? We’ve got a few suggestions for the best kid’s books to read these school holidays!

Ice Wolves book cover

The Elementals series by Amie Kaufman.

A fantasy series set in a world with two clans of shape-shifting humans. The ice wolves and scorch dragons. The series follows two siblings who must learn to control their newfound powers, and attempt to unit the warring clans.

Perfect for: Readers aged 8 and above

Themes: Family (siblings), diversity and acceptance, magic

Author information: Amie Kaufman is an Australian author with a wide list of titles in the young adult space. The Elementals is her first middle-grade series and was completed in 2020. All Kaufman’s books are known for including a diverse range of characters.

Also by this author: The World Between Blinks

Eliza Vanda's Button Box book cover

Eliza Vanda’s Button Box by Emily Rodda

Parents may be familiar with Emily Rodda’s other titles such as Deltora’s Quest, The Fairy Realm books or award-winning His Name Was Walter. The beloved children’s author has done it again with another magical tale to enchant young readers.

Milly isn’t sure she’s ready for change. She was perfectly happy in primary school and in her cozy little town. But when she makes a new friend in Eliza Vanda, she may just discover something magical.

Perfect for: Readers aged 8 and above.

Themes: Friendship, adapting to change, magic

About the author: Emily Rodda is an Australian author, first published in 1984. She’s since written over 100 books for children and her stories continue to be beloved by many.

Also by this author: The Glimme

The Detective's Guide to Ocean Travel book cover

The Detective’s Guide to Ocean Travel by Nicki Greenberg

Published in 2021 this kid’s mystery book is set on the high seas in the 1920s. Pepper know’s something is afoot on her father’s cruise liner. When a diamond goes missing, Pepper is determined to solve the mystery – with the help of her three new friends, of course!

Perfect for: Readers aged 8 and above

Themes: Friendship, problem-solving, mystery

About the author: Nicki Greenberg is a Melbourne based author and illustrator. First published at aged 15, since then she’s continued to write and illustrate and her books have achieved acclaim.

Also by this author: Hamlet comic adaptation for children.  2011 Children’s Book Council of Australia Picture Book of the Year

The School Between Winter and Fairyland book cover

The School between Winter and Fairyland by Heather Fawcett

Autumn is beastkeeper at Inglenook school for magicians. While her work is a bit gross sometimes, it gives her the time to look for clues for her missing brother. With the help of chosen one Cai Morrigan, she might just solve the mystery and find her long-lost brother… and uncover some of the school’s secrets.

Perfect for: Readers aged 8 and above

Themes: Magic, friendship, family, heroism

About the author: Heather Fawcett lives in Canada and writes a mixture of teen and middle-grade books.

The Great Wall of Lucy Wu

The Great Wall of Lucy Wu by Wendy Wan-Long Shang

Lucy Wu has it all, she’s an aspiring interior designer, awesome basketball player and she’s about to get her bedroom all to herself for the first time ever! But things don’t always go to plan. When her grandma’s beloved sister comes to stay in Lucy Wu’s room with her, it’s just the beginning of her perfect year beginning to crumble.

Perfect for: Readers aged eight and above

Themes: Split cultural identities, muti-generational homes, basketball, bullying

About the author: Wendy Wan-Long Shang is a Chinese-American middle-grade author. Her books are infused with her humour and cultural heritage.

Also by this author: Not Your All-American Girl

Before The Ever After

Before The Ever After by Jacqueline Woodson

ZJ’s dad has always been everyone’s hero. An ex-pro footballer everyone loves him. But recently ZJ has noticed his dad seems different. His mum says it’s something to do with the injuries he got playing sport, but he seems a lot angrier these days and sometimes forgets ZJs name. ZJ needs to figure out what he can do to help his dad and family stick together when the highlights reel seems to be slipping away.

Perfect for: Readers aged 10 and above.

Themes: Football, family, adapting to change

About the author: Jacqueline Woodson is an American author, and her work in children’s literature has been widely recognised. She received the Hans Christian Anderson award and has written many stories enjoyed by parents and their children the world over.

Also by this author:

Brown Girl Dreaming

Seen something you like?

Hopefully there’s something for every middle to upper primary aged kid on this list! If you’d like to order one of these books, contact us or order via our online shop.