Book review by Steph Huddleston
Genre: Romance

Sally Thorne follows up her New York Times bestselling The Hating Game and 99 Percent Yours with Second First Impressions.


Ruthie Midona is content with life. Yes, she may be at the beck and call of the Providence Retirement Villa residents, and yes, the Parloni sisters may be making it extremely hard to hire a new assistant. If only they’d stop sending the boys who work for them away in tears. Being left in charge of Providence while her boss is away is Ruthie’s chance to prove herself and protect her safe little world. Then maybe she can think about finding someone to fall in love with. She just has to stay focused.

Then she’s dazzled. By Teddy, of course. With his luxurious dark hair and tattooed hands, it’s hard not to be dazzled. But Theodore Prescott is the son of the new owners of Providence, Prescott Development, who have slated Ruthie’s beloved Providence for changes. 

The pair get off on the wrong foot, in a hilarious meet-cute. But when Teddy makes a deal with his developer daddy and ends up living in the cottage right next door to Ruthie, it will take all her energy to resist him. Thankfully, she has a plan to keep this sweet, rich boy out of her hair and earning his keep. It looks like the Parloni sisters have found a new assistant after all…

What we thought

Thorne has a knack for creating flawed, loveable characters. This is ultimately a heteronormal love story.  It’s a journey of seeing characters come to terms with their identities and family issues.

The eccentric residents of Providence Retirement Villa are a constant source of entertainment.

On occasion, the plot might be a little predictable. Some things might get wrapped up a little too neat. But we cannot dismiss the comfort of knowing everything will work out okay in the end.  Thorne’s latest release is sure to please many fans.  

 Second First Impressions is perfect for

Lovers of happily ever afters. If you’re looking for a rom-com read that’s equal parts joyful and heartfelt, you’re in the right place. Thorne uses her characters to impart wisdom about the value of self-forgiveness. Fans of Talia Hibbert, Mia Sosa, and Mhairi McFarlane this one is for you.


This book contains: hunky, tattooed heroes, discussions about anxiety, diverse characters, and adorable tortoises.